LG’s Smart Projector is the square cousin of Samsung’s great Freestyle

Compact, portable projectors that were previously confined to the corporate boardroom are becoming a popular option for those who want to temporarily set up a large screen at home or outside the home for a movie night or game. And with many new models with built-in streaming, it’s now easier than ever to get started when you find a blank wall to stream images to.

We saw many innovative novelties projectors at CES 2023including models from Xgimi, Formovie and of course Samsung, which showed a new, improved version of its Freestyletop model on our list best portable projectors. Following a tech event in Las Vegas, LG has announced its new portable PF510Q, and while the new LG doesn’t get as much attention as Samsung’s offering, it nevertheless seems to be a significant addition to the compact. scene with a moving projector.

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